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13 Nov

Ruffled Rose Hot Mat Doilies

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8 Responses to “Ruffled Rose Hot Mat Doilies”

  1. Reply Charlotte Cason says:

    Thank you for these gorgeous free patterns that you share. Being a widow on a fixed income, I truly appreciate them, and am able to make lovely presents for my children and grandchildren, thanks to your generosity in sharing these.

  2. Reply Cheryl Ward says:

    Maggie, I want to take this time to tell you thank you for all of your beautiful Patterns. They are very easy to follow, and end up looking just like your pictures.

  3. Reply Brenda jane says:

    Dear Maggie,

    Oh so pretty. Thank you for all of the wonderful patterns and especially for all the hard work you are doing for all of us. I have used the printer friendly and that is cool. It saves it to PDF and everything.
    Yeah no more copy and paste into Word. Gives me a lot more time on your web site to get materials I am going to need. That is really nice. I do thank everyone for all of this.
    God Bless,

  4. Reply Paul Pospisil says:

    I have a neigbor that was looking for trivets but he didn’t like the cast iron ones as he has a antique table when I came across these trivets I made one. When it came time for the cork I found that it was cheaper to buy a roll of corking material from an auto supply store I used three layers of it to help give body and also to protect his table. He was overjoyed on this project. I showed him that the crocheted piece does come off the cork for washing and drying. We found out when piece was still slightly damp it stretched over the cork much easier and laid more flat. Thanks for this “free” pattern keep them coming……presently on working on his 4th and final crocheted trivet. When done am going to tackle the purple popcorn afghan for a christmas present or may keep it for myself. Thanks again for keeping us crocheters busy, busy, busy.
    I am looking for a crocheted round tablecloth with roses approximastely 62 inches across with roses done in filet crochet…..had a pattern but some how its AWOL…..Thanks for these patterns
    Paul (male crocheter of 40 years)

  5. Reply Paul Pospisil says:

    Hey Maggie,
    Forgot to add that my step mom found out that a good fabric store does carry a heavy clear plastic vinyl that you can buy and cut to fit to protect your crocheted table runners and tablecloths for the lil ones and some adults that spill. she just wanted to protect all the hard work of 2 years Idid in a rectangle tablecloth did in # 30 thread. The size was for our dining room table 6 chairs on each side and 2 on each end so it was good sized pineapple tablecloth that I had to enlarge to make it fit so that’s also how I got my screen name handle. The pattern came from my granma’s stack of patterns, If I remember its a 1920 pattern, I ‘ve got my granmas’ patterns and also many of mine bought throughout the years of avid crocheting…FINALLY free patterns three notebooks full now and still going strong……
    Paul (avid male crocheter and designer of 40 years)

  6. Reply Ethel Mazik says:

    Thank You, thank you for all the beautiful patterns that you share with us. When on a fixed income it is
    difficult to buy things that one would love to buy, so
    you are a “blessing” to us older seniors. God Bless

  7. Reply Nana Judi says:

    I have one of these that my grandmother crocheted many years ago. The one I own is on a metal “frame” with ball feet. I had been thinking about disassembling the hot pad but now I won’t have to.
    Thank you very much for the pattern.

  8. Reply Donna says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had this pattern in a very old crochet book and made it for my two sisters. I have since misplaced/lost the book. I wanted one for myself and now I have it again. I won’t tell anybody that I have the pattern again because for my sisters they were a true “labor of love”. They’re a little difficult for me but well worth the time. Thank you again.

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