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12 Oct

Crochet Talula Turtle Soap Cover

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14 Responses to “Crochet Talula Turtle Soap Cover”

  1. Reply Alisa says:

    So cute! I love it.

  2. Reply mufs says:

    love this!!!thnx for sharing…

  3. Reply jbkazooty says:

    I think I must be doing something wrong when I print your pattern. Could you please make this a little printer friendly.

  4. Reply Maggie Weldon says:

    We are working on the printer friendly version.

  5. Reply Alisa says:

    Yes I have to say I love the friendly version too. But for a pattern this cute I would print double the pages. Thanks again Maggie.

  6. Reply Callmemum says:

    Thanks, so cute!
    to print, just drag and highlight only the pattern area, then copy and paste into a new file or what i do is paste and email to myself, then i store my patterns in my mail server, can't lose em!

  7. Reply JnetWatts says:

    I remember my grandmother having something like this in her bath. But of course for the children it was only to look at but not to use. I'm sure if any of the kids used it the soap wouldn't last very long! (That includes myself as well!) Thank you so much for sharing this pattern I can't wait to start working on it. My cousins better watch out, they may find one of these under their Christmas tree! Thanks again, Jeanette

  8. Reply Henrietta says:

    to much waste of ink and paper. Hope the printer friendly copy comes real soon. BUT the pattern is adorable, I collect turtles and this is my first soap holder one. Thanks.

  9. Reply Diane says:

    Dear jbkazooty – If you select and copy to a word processing document, you can print out just fine.

  10. Reply Amy says:

    Just an FYI, if you use Ivory Soap your turtle will float

  11. Reply Janet says:

    Thanks for sharing this. My Grandma made me one of these years ago and I’ve been trying to find a pattern for it.

  12. Reply Rose says:

    My mom made these when I was a little girl. She would enclose a nice scented bar of soap so it was a decoration. I am in my 60′s, so been around for a while.

  13. Reply danae mitchell says:

    Thank you so much, my grandmother had made a turtle like this for me when I was married (over 40 yrs ago) it was lost in our recent move and I have been searching ever since for someone who had a similar pattern. Thank you so much!

  14. Reply Sharon says:

    I have to agree with many other posters above, my grandmother also made these for each of my sisters and I when we were little. We each had our own color so we knew whos soap was whos. I cannot wait to make these for my girls and all my neices and nephews! Thank you so much!!!

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